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brand new to streaming - help needed

Absolutely brand new to streaming' and although the reviews for the kit are good, I'm still unsure what I should go for.  What I need is: internet radio, access to my iTunes library and Napster or Spotify.  The kit needs to be wireless as my router is elsewhere.  The system it will hook up to is the MF Nu Vista M3 amp (B&W PM1 speakers).  The majority of my listening will still be via vinyl and CD - but I'd like the option of  accessing my iTunes and I like the idea of internet radio.


I've looked at the Sonos Connect with a Bridge, but my head has been turned by the reviews in here (pioneer and Cambridge kit - but are they more than I need?) - I'm like a bloody magpie when it comes to HiFi.


Recommendations welcome.

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RE: brand new to streaming - help needed

Sonos is by far the most flexible system, I think the Connect with a good quality DAC is great. That will vastly improve the sound quality from its internal one and you'll keep all the features. You've even got things like the Arcam SonLink that are designed to pair with it.

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