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Portable headphone amps/DAC's/USB DAC's.

Hi guys,

After acquiring a mini-collection of headphones (AKG K551's, B&W P5's & Monster Beat By Dr Dre Limited Edition Detox Pro's) for listening at home or on the move, rather belatedly, i've begun to dip my toe into the ocean of high & low resolution downloads.

Just wanted some recommendations for great sounding & low power consuming portable headphone amps., DAC's & USB DAC's for use with my iPad, laptop/Macbook Pro & smartphone.

Brands i'd be grateful to know your experiences of include: dragoinfly, FiiO, HRT, iFi & Meridian .

Any of these brand's mdels which stand out for you?

Look forward to knowing your thoughts.


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RE: Portable headphone amps/DAC's/USB DAC's.

Looking forward to the response as well. Babur72, how are you finding the AKG551? I'm currently in a dilemma between Senheisser Momentum and K551.:help:

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