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need help

I'm in the process of ripping all of my CDs to my laptop via iTunes (lossless). Every now and then a loaded CD doesn't appear on the left hand side of iTunes. The CD is definitely being read by the drive, because in Windows Explorer the cda files are visible. As iTunes is the default player, the program loads when the said disc is inserted into the machine. The CDs are in perfect condition, and I have 'error correction' is checked. My updates are current. Oh and these are proprietary CDs, not copies. Anyone experienced this or have any suggestions?

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RE: need help

This may sound like a silly suggestion but have you tried burning a good copy of any cd that won't load and see if iTunes reads it? Alternatively you copy the individual wav files to your computer hard drive and add them to the iTunes library manually. You can then convert them to ALAC and tag them. A bit of work but it should work.

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RE: need help

If the Cd is showing on the explorer, is a problem with iTunes. Try reinstalling it. 

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