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Logitech S715i vs. Klipsch iGroove SXT

hello dear sirs & madams,

i'm in conflict between the 2 docks (Logitech S715i & Klipsch iGroove SXT ):

- the Klipsch is around 20 pounds cheaper.

- the logitech doesn't feel very solid or with stable construction.

- the Klipsch feels is very solid (although i didn't hear it with my apple lossless).

i have an iPhone4 and all my files are apple lossless.

(i also use my Shure SE110 on the go.)

which is preferable?

thanks a lot,


ps - (amazon sell the Klipsch at 75 pounds - and i don't know until when t will go at that price, last month it was 100)




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never mind. the price went up.

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