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From iPod to amp - Think seperates

Hi folks,

I'm looking at spending £100's on getting a digital signal out of my iPod (Classic 30 pin connector) and into an integrated amp (hereafter amp) with an emphasis on sound quality. Docking stations NOT an option - I own a BOSE soundock II and it's an overly priced tin box that's stopped working after 2 years. I was interested in peoples configurations (makes and models) and opinions, and especially from people who have (heard) the newer amps with built in DACS and USB ports. From what I can figure out I have basically 3 options:

1. IPOD -dig-> DOCK -dig-> DAC -anal-> AMP

2. IPOD -dig-> DOCK -dig/anal-> AMP  . . . with the DAC in the dock or in the amp

3. IPOD -dig-> AMP . . . with the DAC in the amp

where capital letters are seperates and -X-> is the signal: dig = digital and anal = analogue (of course) :). Option 3 would be nice for a minimal appearance and footprint and would also mean I could spend more on the amp, but not if you then sacrfice a load of sound quality in connecting an iPod directly to the AMP? I don't know. Comments/thoughts appreciated