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Ipod Shuffle 2nd gen charging problem

Today I've bought a brend new ipod shuffle 2nd gen 1g. I've opened the stock box and tried to turn it via on/off switch but it was dead. Light indicator wasn't showing any light so I assumed that battery is totally empty since the device came straight from the factory. I've switched it back to OFF and connected it to my PC via original dock and it started blinking yellow. I've installed itunes software and when installation finished, software automatically started and the ipod was recognized. Flashing orange light switched to green. This was a little bit odd for me since I've read the light code and it says it should be yellow until battery is fully charged. But instead of that it switched directly to green. After that I've synced couple of songs for testing purposes and the transfer finished in a few seconds. Then after couple of hours I've disconnected it from the dock and the green light died as expected (since power switch was on OFF). But when I switched it on, nothing happened! When I put it on the dock, it flashes yellow couple of times and it goes green, like the battery if fully charged. But when I disconnect it, it instantly dies. I've returned it to the seller and he gave me another one, also brend new, UNOPENED. But when I came home, exactly the same scenario happened! Ive tried all USB ports on my PC, as well on my LAPTOP, but it behaves the same way. I've also tried external power bank and it also glows green! Is it possible that the both devices are broken? Or maybe I'm doing something wrong? I have win7 x64 on my PC and Windows XP SP3 on my laptop.