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iPod & Portable Amp

Simple question....would adding an external portable amplifier to my iPod improve the sound quality of the music. Music is saved in Apple Lossless Format at the moment.

I use my iPod when I am in the bedroom or listening to music in the lounge when there are other people around watching TV and when I am on holiday. I have a pair of sennheisser CX300II and Grado SR80i headphones.

If so what recommendations can people make for portable amps?


Also as an addition to this my iPod is only a 60gb and I am looking to upgrade to a larger capacity....the iPod is also used in the main HiFi System and also in the car (controlled by my car stereo). I was thinking of the iPod Classic but have heard the sound quality on the new iPod's leave a lot to be desired...so what other options for a large capacity player are there?


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In my PC I have a small Sonic Impact T-amp which cost around 35Eur together with wharfedale 9SR.  This T-amp is the greates purchase I have ever made in the hi-fi world.  It can actually drive my Ikon 1s without a problem with a great hi-fi sound.  You can put on batteries and take anywhere.

1) Onkyo TX-NR818, Q acoustics 2050i, 2000ci, Wharfedale 9DS, Wharfedale 150W.  Synology NAS 112J, PS3, Harmony 650.

2) Tangent ampster Bt& Dali Ikon1

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I currently use a PA2V2 which can be had for around £40 depending on exhange rate.

Last year I tested my setup against a friends ipod touch & iphone 4.  With just my IE8's I thought the Apple products sounded completely lifeless with no real depth or detail, a thoroughly un-enjoyable listening experience.  With the Amp there was a slight improvement but compared to my Sony setup its like comparing VHS against Blu-Ray - deeper/accurate bass, more clarity/detail, the sound just draws me in and eggs me on to turn it up a little bit louder Smile

As for players with larger than 60Gb capacity, there isnt a great deal around.  Sony did have a 64Gb player on the market but it looks like they have discontinued it.  Cowon's only entries are the 120Gb or 160Gb X7 and is quite large in dimensions. Archos make their internet tablet in 250Gb & 500Gb capacities and have 7" & 4.8" screen's respectively also making them not too practical for music on the move.  The name in itself suggests that music is not the first priority! These 4 are available for around £200

A sneaky alternative would be to pick up a Cowon J3 which has a micro SD slot giving unlimited capacity.  The 32Gb version is available for around £220.

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RE: iPod & Portable Amp

Anything by Fiio, you can try the E7 + a LOD cable. It improves the sound in a nice way. 

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