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iPod Nano dilemma

My iPod Nano 1st Generation 4Gb has finally died. I'd used it almost everyday and mostly at the gym managing to keep it in as new condition as its been in an aluminum core case since new. I thought it just needed a new battery but I sent it away and they said it needed a new logic board.

Now I have a dilemma... I want to get another Nano but I hate the touchscreen version as it has to be a scrollwheel one. AFAIK you can only remove the EU volume cap on the 1st Generation. I tried to remove it on my sisters 4th generation following a guide which involved using Linux and it didn't work.

So now I'm looking at getting the last generation which used a scrollwheel 16Gb but from the States where no volume restrictions were implemented. Trouble is old generation Nanos like the 5th generation even when used usually sell for more than the RRP at the time of release! There are new ones from old stock that sell for $200 to $300! I refuse to pay that much.

Does anyone have any suggestions? (Please don't say consider something else other than a Nano!)

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RE: iPod Nano dilemma

I'd suggest a compromise. Get a US-spec nano with the touchscreen and then use it with headphones with remote control buttons.

if you want to stay Apple, you've got to at least conquer your Touchscrreen dislike, cos I can't see buttons making a comeback anytime soon...

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