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iPod issues

Hi Am new at this. Wonder if anyone has any advice on following:

1. Wife been asking me for ages now, can she play iPod in our old banger. Only have a cheap CD player (no jack. Tried using a radio frequency connection before, which was pretty good but kept crossing over into other channels - very annoying. Has something better come along now? (Talking about 2 years ago when we used that.) Ideally want something that can plug into the ciggie lighter (as given up now, so may as well make use of the whole).

2. iPod classic is broken - battery over charged. I've heard if I send it off to various repairers, could risk losing content. Any recommendations?

Cheers all in advance. (Need earache to stop.)

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1 - I use a Griffin iTrip to great effect. It charges the ipod and I have had no issues re losing channel, if it happens you switch to another. The effectiveness of any of them is down to how many local FM radio stations you have and where you travel to.


2 - it should not matter as you would re load your ipods content from your itunes anyway. Just make sure there is nothing on your ipod that is not also on your itunes.

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Depending on budget and needs, Parrot do an in-car hands free kit that also doubles as an iPod connector. About £190 (fitted) in Halfords.


All you'll see is the screen in the car - the cables are all hidden - this gives you a USB or stereo jack connection.



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I read you post in this months mag. I use the Dension ICE > Link about £60. It plugs into the aerial socket of your radio and your ipod is in use it overides the aerial signal preventing interference.


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