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Ipod Battery Advice

Hi all,

Ive been browsing through the forums for a short while now and have finally signed up. 


Ive had a 32gb 5th gen Ipod touch for just over a year. I use it in the car on the way to and from work (2hrs) then when I get home in my Onkyo reciever (an hour or so every evening). Though it doesnt get handled very much as I control it though the car and then through the reciever. Last month it had a fault with the volume, I took it to apple and they replaced it there and then.


Though before it was replaced and I rarely took it out when I had to travel by public transport. I would struggle to get a day out of the battery. This is much worse than when I got it. 


Due to being plugged in charging the whole time its not doing the battery any good. Im unsure of what I can do to stop damaging the battery. Any ideas?