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Converting Apple Lossless to Other Formats

Having just purchased a new phone (Samxung Galaxy S) I am looking for add some of my music onto the phone for listening on the move.

My music is currently in Apple iTune in Apple Lossless format, which is not compatable with the Samsung. Needs to be MP3, WMA, FLAC or similar.

I want to retain my music in lossless format in itunes but also want to duplicate some files and turn them into FLAC or some other Lossless format. What's the best way to do this whilst retaining the AAC format??


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You can quite easily use itunes to create an MP3 version should you wish. If you set the import settings in Preferences to the format you want, you can then right click on songs and there'll be an option for 'Create MP3 version'. EDIT - This will leave the original song untouched and create a duplicate (in the new format). 

I didn't go this route, because i didn't want to take up the extra space. Another option is what i do.  I use Media Monkey to convert to MP3 "on the fly" when syncing. Takes longer to sync, especially the first time if you have a lot of music. 

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You could try downloading Poweramp from the Android Store.


It plays most formats including ALAC.


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Isn't dBpoweramp the one people use to convert ALAC to FLAC? Not a clue really as I'm a Mac man, but seem to remember it being mentioned a few times in the past. Looks like it'll do it according to description, and you've got 21 days free to convert your existing collection, even if you decide not to buy it to perform future rips.


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