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Android ICE

Situation: have a car fitted with Dension GW500 and an Apple doc. It streamed music digitally out of the Apple via the GW500 into the stereo and could be controlled by the Apple controls.

Now I no longer have an Apple iPod but I have got a Samsung Galaxy S2. So, what I'd like to do is change the doc so that the SGS2 can be connected via it's micro-USB port on the phone to both charge and play music. (I know I can use the top 3.5mm plug, but I'm trying to avoid that for sound and appearances).

I see these alternatives:

Bluetooth: Connect a bluetooth receive (A2DP?) to the GW500 and stream music from the Samsung that way? Is that possible? Which bluetooth device can connect to either stereo phono plugs OR the Apple connector (which means the new bit has to be female apple - or something that looks like a P/S2 mouse connector where the Apple adaptor plus into the GW500).

Cable: Is there a cable that can connect micro-usb to stereo phone or apple connector AND stream music from an Android device? (the device will output HD video via that socket with the right adapter/software, so it must be technically possible to route the audion to that plug). The most Heath Robinson solution I've considered is getting the Samsung mUSB to HDMI adapter and then an HDMI to Phono/VGA cable and using the phone leads to input into the GW500... but I'm sceptical that'll work)

Do I need a special app to do either of these?

Is there an alternative to the Dension box (my car stereo does not otherwise have aux-in and I don't want to use FM)?

Why have the Android phone makers not wised-up to this market? My phone is Samsung but surely this is spot-on Sony's home turf?

Thoughts? Ideas? Links?

Thanks people!