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Re: First proper hifi.

I'd had a few tape players, boom-box styley, in my early teens, but my first 'real' system was an Aiwa separates tower system. I bought it in 1996 for £800. I was 21. It was enormous. Easily three foot tall, with dual tape decks, Dolby Pro-Logic amp, Tuner, Digital Graphic Equaliser, 5 Disc Carousel style changer and topped off with a turntable. The main speakers were equally huge.

I thought the system was the nuts, back then, and so was I cos I owned it!

It got put into storage in 2002, when I moved, and stayed there until last year, when I hooked it up to my Roland drum kit. I Played some CD's through it, for a walk down memory lane. I shouldn't have. It was rubbish. Absolute rubbish. Overblown bass and the most distortion on treble that I've heard on any system.

After that, I binned it ( it took three weeks, cos I couldn't fit it all in the bin, in one go!)

I couldn't remember the model number, but there's one here. Have a ganders, just don't buy it!


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Re: First proper hifi.

Had the obligatory all in one boomboxes with bass boost, but had a revelatory experience hearing my mate's stereo, so had to get my own serious kit.

Ended up with Arcam Alpha 9 integrated amp, rotel CD player (can't even remember which one but Id say it was 2nd from the botom of the range. Supported that hardly seen format, HDCD) Krix superbrix, some silver coated speaker cable and nordost blackknight IC.

Brought me much joy, but I had to leave it behind, and I've been living of an iPod and an old Onkyo minisystem for nigh on 5 years. I've finally purchased my 2nd proper hifi, but am still waiting for delivery of the CDP and Amp and have a pair of B&W 685s staring at me begging to be hooked up to something.

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Re: First proper hifi.

Originally had a Sanyo Micro system which I added the cassette deck below to, then upgraded speakers and finally swapped entirely for a new amp and cd player.

My first proper hifi system is still technically functioning!! 

It consisted of the following:

Technics SU-610 Stereo Amp (donated to my dad - still in use)
Pioneer PD-207 Cd Player (still in use in my current system) Technics Speakers (donated to my dad - still in use)
Aiwa Cassette Deck (sat upstairs to be used to archive many tapes onto PC) Dual Record Player (not sure on model but it went missing a long time ago)

Since then I added a DVD player, upgraded speakers and swapped amp to a Harmon Kardon AV100 Amp which I gave away on Freecycle recently along with the DVD player.


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Re: First proper hifi.

As a 16 year old back when CD wasn't even heard of - an ITT 'stack system' from my Nan's catalogue that cost me £449, paid over 38 weeks out of my then meagre wages of £17 a week......


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