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RE: What made you become an audiophile???

Music was my first love and it will be my last ( John Miles ) I remeber listening to my brothers Hi Fi Trio amp MS speakers and a Garrard AP 76+ G800 and I realised that music + HIFi went together rather well that was 1970 ish Ive not looked back Music is always first though if it is being poorley reproduced I would rather turn it off

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Humoured as a kid

Many many years ago now...! On my walk to school to and fro I used to pass a hi-end audio shop. I used to go in regularly, around once per week, in my full school uniform,  and they'd let me listen to stuff in the listening room. They clearly knew I couldn't buy anything (I was about 13yrs old) but humoured me anyway and used to set up stuff and play it to me. I remember grinning my ass off listening to awesome sounding music. 

As I got older, and had an income, and enough to start spending on my own kit. That was it. 

Ive always loved music, even as a kid. That was many years ago but they definitely got me hooked on how you can love music, but how it can also sound awesome too. 

*and yes as an adult I did spend cash in there too.  



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What got me interested?

My good old Uncle's hand-me-down Hi-Fi News mags (20p each in the 1970's)

And, around about the same time, hearing what I remember as being a Pioneer TT and Trio amp - at a party of all places (hardly the ideal hi-fi demo).


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What HiFi.

What HiFi.

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Strangely, I think it had

Strangely, I think it had more to do with visual things, when I was a toddler: The apple on Beatles records, various covers inc the ship on ELO, the LED level meter on the tape deck and the strobe on my granddad's turntable. I loved recording my voice on tape and playing it back. My parents were into music and my Dad was into hifi.

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A hi-fi system is a means to

A hi-fi system is a means to an end. I just buy what sounds good to me. Now, can we call people who just like hi-fi equipment as Audiophiles? .

I mostly enjoy movies these days but music still has to be played on a system that can tell a lot about the people playing the music.

Just music made me interested in hi-fi. Simple as. I don't think I can classify my self as an Audiophile from its definition.

I would say I'm just someone who puts together a system that gives pleasure when listening to music..

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