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What governs your passion reference Hifi

For me it is just not Sound Quality, but I am addicted to upgrades and this is my weakness.  I chose my current system knowing full well Cyrus provides this service.  Not only can I upgrade the Amp or CD box but I can add additional Cyrus boxes when I can find room for them and not only am I pleased with the result I get now but I can get even better quality at an acceptable cost.  This year I have the option to bi wire and to add a fibre optic connection between the CD and Amp.

From the late 1970s I have experienced valve technology through the Leak Stereo Amp and Troughline Tuner that was geared to my Dual Turntable and Sony Reel to Reel.  I enjoyed the warmth conveyed through homemade Wharfedale Single Floorstanders that the whole Hifi sat upon!!

As a Student in the 1980s I had a good reference budget Separates kit Philips 16 bit CD Player, Marantz gold coloured Amp with 5 band graphic equaliser, Akai Hx3 Cassette Deck with wired remote and the outstanding Wharfedale Diamonds Speakers plus QED 79 strand speaker cable and Qed interconnect and so began my pleasure into the inevitable upgrades and I was hooked.

Even back then I knew that my reel to reel was better than the Kenwood KX 5010 Cassette Deck and my dad was experimenting in recording radio stations onto VHS Tapes to compare against cassettes.

I cannot express how much pleasure/passion has been derived from an assortment of boxes and various leads in comparison to an all in one box.  It is like as a youngster you cannot understand what the fuss is about females until you reach a certain age and then you realise their potential.

I don't care that I do not possess a 30K hifi because I am enjoying the 3K system I have now with its inevitable subtle upgrades.  Wifi has instilled a fun factor into the saga, it may not be vinyl or reel to reel but it is still enjoyable.  To me you have to experience Hifi through the years be it rubbish or decent media to appreciate it. 

Cyrus 6CDSE, 8XPd, 6 Power amp
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