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I was in Newcastle earlier this week and there was a guy on the metro listening to music. It brought back so many memories when he took a walkman the size of a brick out of his pocket to replace the two AA batteries. In case you are reading this, good on you I wish I still had mine. All those hours spent lovingly adjusting the recording levels to make sure my mix tapes were the best they could be. Now they are all sitting in storage boxes unloved and unused.

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Re: Walkman

My lovely Technics cassette deck stopped playing and I had purchased a bargain portable Technics CD-Walkman-ish.  The bedroom radio/cassette/CD-player's cassette door broke.  Someone was telling me something - I kept all my tapes in their cassette carrying cases for ages and then finally capitulated: offered them for free to friends and then threw the rest away. Sad.

Ironically, I have not had the heart to throw the Technics deck out.  I keep thinking it would be a terrible waste - someone out there could use it if they have the right electronics skills.  So maybe Freecycle?

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Re: Walkman

Ahhh, the WalkMan!
I still have literally 100's of cassettes from that era of my life, but then again I do tend to hold on to things far too long - cassettes, LaserDiscs, the wife.

All my cassettes were neatly stored away undisturbed until several years ago a nice chap from Philips dumped gave me one of the few remaining DCC tape decks they had.
The best thing is it also played ordinary Compact Cassettes, and you could extract the audio from the optical out on the back of this monolithic turkey.

It's remarkable just how much quality you can still squeeze out of the humble cassette!

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