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my first system

well, it was a what hifi award back in 91/92/93 an aiwa mini sytem! nearly 20 years later, 20 years hard working as a civil engineer, a coilition government, and im now homeless, bless the new government, my system is up for bids; rather it go to a decent home rather than the baliffs.. Pioneer PDP LX5090 Denon 4308 Angel Denon 3910 Arcam CD93T Arcam A85 Sony PSP 120gb slim Mission M35i Mission M7C2 Mission M7DS REL R505 James jamesbubuk@yahoo.co.uk

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Re: my first system


 Sorry to hear about you're current bad situation.

Don't let the b@stards grind you down!


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Re: my first system

Sorry to hear about your situation.

As you can't sell stuff here, yet, and as you have some highly saleable items, I recommend the joys of eBay - think you've just missed a free listing weekend, might be another soon. Recommend selling them separately with reserves, buyer collect on the bigger items, especially the plasma. Even speaker cables and interconnects can fetch a decent return.

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