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Re: Memories of Laskys

I remember them very well, i bought my tv from them in 2008.

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RE: Memories of Laskys

1972 I think it was. Tottenham Court Road. I bought my first hi fi component system in Laskys. Armstrong 62? Tuner Amp.  Pair of Acoustic Research AR 3a's, AR turntable and a Tandberg cassette deck.  Was truely great. A year or two later I bought a Fons CQ30 record deck with SME 9000? Arm and an ADC XLM Cartridge. Spelndid deck made in Scotland. That deck is still used by my son today.

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RE: Re: Memories of Laskys

mickeycomms wrote:

My first memory of Lasky's was queueing up for what seemed like forever as a little kid.....while my mum got Noel Edmonds autograph at the Manchester branch!

Lasky's must have had some kind of deal with the BBC, because I remember walking into the Tottenham Ct Road branch and there was Sarah Greene with a group of kids doing reviews of computers back in about 1984 I think.  They were filming for the Saturday morning show back then, 'Swap Shop' had ended by that stage I think?  Loved the TCR back then, Mecca for hi-fi enthusiasts.

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RE: Memories of Laskys

Kingston branch.

I went to Kingston College on day release from work 1975/79.

Was often in there at lunchtime.

What about Watts Radio near the apple market.

My first amp was an Amstrad Integra 4000 bought from there (Laskys), also bought a pair of Celestion Ditton 15's at a later date.

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RE: Memories of Laskys

Sorry to come into this so late.   Laskys - what a shop, indeed, emporium!!!   Back in the day, I worked in Soho Square and often spent my lunch times wandering up Tottenham Court Road to drool over the kit on display there.  I actually bought my first 'proper' HiFi from Laskys in the early 1970s - a Sansui AU101 amp, Wharfedale speakers (can't remember which model) and a Goldring GL75 turntable with, I think, a Shure cartridge.but, again, can't remember the model.  I'd love to hear the same rig now and compare it to a modern system but I certainly thought it was the mutts nuts in those days.

Oh the memories of a very misspent youth!!!

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Worked for the bar-stards

Worked for them between 1981 - 1984 (Staff number 1634, stuck in my head because the area manager knew you by this and not your name). Went on a 2 day training course at head office that was hideous in the extreme (close the sale, close the sale, close the sale, repeat ad-nauseum until suicide seems attractive). 95% of the staff I encountered knew burger all (if that much in many cases). Spent two weeks at Kingston-upon-Thames branch for induction period, I outsold all the regular staff. I knew my products and had a passion for them, they did not. Never sold a customer something they did not want, in my 3 year career with them I had zero returns. Started in Maidstone, then Chatham, my sales figures even gave some of Tottenham Court Road boys a run for their money. Even had a personal thank you letter from managing director for good service, because I had two letters from customers that were printed in the in house magazine (still got a copy somewhere). Learnt all the shop admin systems, stock control etc etc. Never got promoted from salesman grade d, had staff promoted past me to managers, assistant managers and floor supervisors despite having poorer sales figures and could not do any of the paper work. Got so fed up I told them that as salesman grade d I was not responsible for any paperwork etc. I got the sack. Am I bitter....you better believe it. Really miss working in the retail environment I loved it (it is where I belong). Could not get out of this into the real world of Hi Fi, it was almost a closed shop (and I had sullied myself at Laskys). Would love to get back into it.

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Wow, I had to post here, a

Wow, I had to post here, a true blast from the past, I luved Lasky's, as I used to hang around in the Newcastle shop as much as poss.
I did buy a TV for a thousand pounds and the first video recorder that if paused the image was A1, plus you could get one picture in the middle and 9 going around, what the point of that was I don't know, ROFL but I luved it and that cost me £600

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Me too!!

Tonight I was suddenly hit by a wave of nostalgia when I remembered why I was young, newly married and (relatively speaking) impercunious.  I used to find myself spending my lunchtime out of the orifice wandering round Broadmead, Bristol lusting after all the then high tech HiFi gismos.  Laskys being one of my favourite haunts.  I wouldn't have been surprise if the staff there thought I was some kind of stalker.

Now, tonight, all these years later I remember those days of what must be 30 plus years ago with affection and I wonder what became of Laskys?  When did they cease to trade? C&A went out in a blaze of publicity but even by then I had long forgottn Laskys. Since the Broadmead has been transformed by redevelopment and Penn Street is virtually unrecognisable now.  That's what I gather from my few as possible visits to Bristol City Centre these years.  It's a virtual no go area for me now that one go there by car anymore.

Whatever. Does anyone know what became of Laskys?


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