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speaker evolution

i recently put 2 of these Tannoy 603s in good nick too,on a stereo set up & they sound like they are holding up,nicely musical..So i am missing the 2 surr back in the 7.1 set-up ,so i terminated both wire ends & put them in a THX type formation.I was always sceptical about speaker evolution but a pair of jamo €400 c600 surround speakers fairly outdid them both in 2-ch (& multi-ch) with a not as old 8yr + old roksan caspian amp,with similar aged denon cd player.So i tried them on my pio lx70 avr/bdp lx52 ,ran advanced mcacc & they seem to dull out the surround,more than enhance it but just about do the job.POTC on stranger tides has a great DTS HDMA 7.1 ST. SO-What im getting at is speakers improve well in comparison to other more gadget laden seperates or HCSs. considering they consist of a C/over section,drivers & wood or laminate casing!

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RE: Hexagonal Speakers for starters

I used to own a pair of 609's with the matching stands, I thought they were great. My brother inlaw is still using a pair and they still sound ok after all these years.


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