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Re: First proper hifi.

Sansui AU-2200.
My first proper amplifier and still one of the nicest sounds I've had (and I've still got this amplifier in my study). Only 10 watts per channel but sounds much more powerful with a very fluid and musical sound. Brilliant.

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Re: First proper hifi.

I have hunted high and low but cannot find any pictures or even full details, but my first proper hifi was a Denon separates system of cassette deck, turntable and amp with Denon speakers. I got it out out of the music shop in Debenhams and I bought it because it was the best rated in Which? magazine. This was 1989. Prior to that I had survived with a Matsui cassette deck.

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Re: First proper hifi.

My first 'hi-fi' was a Pioneer midi system which I added a Sony cdp-35 to. Ithen upgraded to a proper hif-fi consisting of the old faves-

Nad 3020i amp, Dual turntable, Denon tu 260L tuner, Tannoy Mercury speakers on target stands and QED 79 strand speaker cable.

I also got a Rotel amp and Castle Trent speakers to go with a JVC nicam video in the lounge.

My first foray into surround sound was a 29" Toshiba dolby surround tv with a Thomson SVHS video. I had this in my bedroom and had to get widescreen versions of films, as the bottom of the tv was obscurd by the end of the bed when laid back against the headboard watching them.

I still have the Nad amp, turntable, tuner and castle speakers as a second system.

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Re: First proper hifi.

Back in 1979, a few months after starting work, determined to replace my home-made set-up my first proper kit consisted of the following:

JVC R-S5L receiver

Garrard Turntable (various cartridges over a few month period)

Hitachi cassette deck

Solavox SP25 MKII speakers

I always remember swapping cartridges with friends, looking for the best sound. Some of the caridges used were: Shure M115E, Goldring G800, Ortofon (can't remember the number) and Audio technica.


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Re: First proper hifi.

In the mid 80s I got a Fisher seperates system. I still have the turntable in the loft and my mum is still using the amp, tuner and speakers.

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Re: First proper hifi.

Not really hifi, more head-fi, but I remember buying and loving a set of Sennheiser HD320 headphones, with red foam.

Bought them from Zeus Audio in Belfast. I was in sixth form or maybe first year of university. Used them for maybe ten years, then they gave up having been stuffed in a bag too often 

Bought a huge panasonic luggable cd player, dual tape deck thing instead of cdp, amp and speakers a couple of years later, http://homepage2.nifty.com/bubbcasse-museum/panasonic/rxdt505.htm 

Probably the right decision at the time 

UForb might have been the first thing I played on it 

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Re: First proper hifi.

....Ok whilst I now can't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday I can sadly (just about) remember every bit of hifi I ever owned.

The first? .....a BSR McDonald TT with a Shure cartridge + a Metrosound ST20 amp + a pair of Wharfedale Linton XP 3 loudspeakers as well as a Pioneer Cassette Deck (2020?)

The Metrosound died pretty quickly to be replaced by a Pioneer Receiver SX 535 (?) (ok I'm a bit fuzzy when it comes to model numbers!) A Pair of Tangent TM1 speakers replaced the Wharfedales.

Following a brief sojurn into Hitachi Music Centre territory (mea culpa) I upgraded to a Rega Planer 2 / Dynavector cartridge ...Quad 33/303 + a pair of Mission 737's and a Sansui cassette deck (model no forgotten again) QED speaker wire was my first HIFI Answers led tweak!

There's more (much more) when I've further ransacked the old memory bank!

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Re: First proper hifi.

When I moved into my first flat in the early 80's I assembled a rather eccentric system, I had swapped an old mono valve amp for an early 60's stereo Pye valve pre-power setup with matching fm tuner, polished copper fronts, no case, it just sat there glowing in the corner of the roomSmile

I bought a Dual deck and I had some American speakers KLH 20's I think, seemed like proper hifi at the time. Sounded better than my mates Technics set up but was very quiet. I would really one of those amps again though it was so warm and cozy.. not just the sound .. I'm not the amp would drive my BC1's though.  but if anyone has one they would part with let me know.


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Re: First proper hifi.

I'm in work, listening to my ages old 1994 Sony SRS-D2 2.1 powered speakers. No-one here and they are en-route to a friend for a free office speakers. They are noticeably uneven and lacking in detail. They stood in for the big panasonic mentioned above. They encouraged me to look at hifi for the first time about 6/7 years ago, so I have them to thank for that.

What I have now is a lot better. 

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Re: First proper hifi.

My first "proper" system consisted of a Rega Planar 2 with Linn K5 cart, a Technics SA-160L receiver (still in use in my dining room), a Philips CD-620 (I think) CD player, an Aiwa ADF-410 cassette deck and a pair of JPW Minims.

The only things that are still going are the Planar (sold about 18 months ago) and the Technics. I'm sure the JPWs would be, apart from the fact that both cones got punctured during a house move about 5 years ago.

That system saw me all though college, and the Technics still makes a good sound today (paired with an iPod dock and a pair of Eltax Symphony 6 speakers)...

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Re: First proper hifi.

I had a Hitachi CD player hooked up to a Fisher boom box for a couple of years, I must have been about 13/14.

The Hitachi CD was stolen when we were burgled, but they left the Fisher. I got a Sony 5-disc carousel player with the insurance payout.

Used this as it was up until getting my Hitachi boom box on my 18th birthday, which replaced the Fisher.

When I was about 21-ish, I junked it all (well, sold the 5-disc player to a mate, and still use the Hitachi boom box for my electronic drum kit) and bought a Sony mini system from Allders. It was one of those all-in-one-but-seperate systems (Had a ribbon cable as well as regular I/Cs. Can't remember the model number, but sure it had '50' in there somewhere, along with a bunch of letters). A few years after getting it, I stored the cassette & tuner away, just used the amp & CD.

Then in '02, at 28. I bought the stuff you can see in my sig (Except the 192, it was 72T back then). Flogged the Sony mini to a mate.

Early this month, bought a used 192 to replace my 72T.

Time will tell what other upgrades are around the corner....

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Re: First proper hifi.

Well my brother provided the music when I was little - a portable record player (one with a handle and a lid to carry it around) when I was seven; then a Fidelity Stereo for 50 quid when we were teenagers, and then a Sanyo (or something) music centre, and those were my sources until I left home at eighteen. Then at Uni I discovered all these people with Dual 505s and Rega Planar 2s and 3s, which was when i started buying WHF - ended up with s/h 505/II Deluxe and Creek CAS4040 with some new AR18BXs, and later a Denon DRM07 tape deck, which I bought with one week's wages from the Safeway Deli Counter - all sitting on a white Target rack...

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Re: First proper hifi.

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Re: First proper hifi.

Well my first 2 'systems' don't count. Aged 9 I got a Pye 9015 mono radio cassette for Christmas. I really liked it but hankered after something better.

A little reading of Which magazine aged 11 and I realised I needed a stereo system with seperate speakers and my tape player must have Dolby. I saved £50 from my paper round and my parents coughed up the remaining £99 for a Ferguson Studio 100D music centre in 1980. This had to stay in the lounge so my parents could better monitor my volume and stop me from staying up all night. I knew deep down it sounded nasty but tried not to worry.

Then aged 14 I had a revelation. I had my fist drugs experience whilst listening to Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' on the first real hifi I'd ever heard. Ariston RD80, Quad 33/405, Quad ESL63's. This experience changed my life. Now I knew what I was aiming at.

I threw all my money at my first proper hifi. A Marantz SD220 tape deck, Rotel RA840 amp and Sennheisser HD410 headphones (£185). I couldn't afford to buy vinyl or speakers at that point so had to tape other peoples albums for a couple of years.

Over the next 2 years I built a pair of little 2 way speakers from Tandy parts. Then bought a pair of Monitor Audio R252s and a Rotel RP830 turntable with Ortofon VMS15E cartridge. This was my set up when I finished school in 1984.

I junked the tape deck 4 years ago, my Mum still uses the amp occasionally, the Monitor Audios are in my cupboard, the home made speakers were swapped for a second tape deck in the mid 80's, I don't recall the fate of the turntable and the headphones were only replaced a couple of months ago.

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Re: First proper hifi.

as a student, in the 70s I ended up with a Dual CS601 with Shure V15mkIII connected to a Quad 33/303, a Sony TC209SD cassette deck and driving a pair of Acoustic Research AR7s. The Quad came from a little second hand shop in Cardiff - I don't think the guy knew what he was selling Smile. The AR7s have been around in the study until recently when the foam aroung the drive cones perished. I worked out it was cheaper to get a pair of Tannoy Mercury F1s than to get the AR7s repaired. The Dual is currently being used to copy all my vinyl onto the computer.


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