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Zavvi: buy 2 box sets & get 10% discount

Deal here:


Use code 2MB10.

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RE: Zavvi: buy 2 box sets & get 10% discount

Only if you're prepared to wait, I find Zavvi's delivery service appalling.

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RE: Zavvi: buy 2 box sets & get 10% discount

Actually I too find their delivery service appalling and really not worth the wait. I think they wait until they have substantial orders then try to source the items. Have ordered 2 DVD box sets in the past and it takes 3 weeks or so for each one to arrive. Amazon all the way - although the tax situation not good !

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RE: Zavvi: buy 2 box sets & get 10% discount

This deal is not as good as it appears at first glance. I did some spot checks on Amazon.co.uk, against these Zavvi box set prices and it seems what Zavvi have done is increase the original price of the box sets by about 10% compared to say Amazon, so by the time you apply the discount you can get the box sets eleswhere for the same or cheaper.



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