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Yamaha S2700

I just bought one on eBay for £299. Will I be pleased, or can I expect any problems? Is it simple to hack into 'Any Region' and how does it perform with NTSC 24 fps?

It will be used through a Denon 4308 receiver. Any advice on setting up the Yamaha upscaling, or just leave it to the Denon?


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Re: Yamaha S2700

 Hi, bought the same on eBay a month ago. So far the player works really well. Hooked up to the Onkyo TX-SR605 through HDMI (audio+video signals) then it is HDMI from the Onkyo to my HDTV. They will find the best picture, but you could still tweak the settings at every component. Not sure though, whether the HDMI signal gets any treatment when it passes through the Onkyo, but video signal from other sources is nicely upvonverted before passed to the telly.

For SACD discs you could connect the Yammie to the multichannel input of the Denon - the sound is much nicer, at least in my opinion.


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