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samsung dvd-hd870


I have just ordered a samsung dvd-hd870 from www.beyondtelevision.co.uk for £49.50!. Retail is usually aound £70. Its free delivery too if not on a saturday (£20).


Go order now!


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Re: samsung dvd-hd870

In my view a useless DVD Player with 42inch TV. I bought one from Comet for £70 a few weeks ago, and have just put in the box and bought a DENON 1940 which is far superior albeit for £180

I'm going to keep the Samsung HD870 and buy the kids a max 32ins TV with which I think it will be at home because it doesn't cut the mustard with a 42inc TV...that's for sure

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Re: samsung dvd-hd870

I have one of these in the bedroom, running on a 17 inch widescreen LCD TV. Absolutely fine for that. Didn't bother testing it on my main TV.

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