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Yamaha YSP-2200 soundbar help please.

Can anyone help me please.ive just got this soundbar for my mum and dad and am having trouble with the hdmi control.i have one hd lead going from the arc socket in tv to the arc socket in yamaha then a hd lead from sky into hd 1 on yamaha and a hd lead from blu ray

 player into hd 2 on yamaha.ive enabled hdmi control on soundbar and Cec on their samsung  tv but still the soundbar will not turn on with the tv.Also when I turn the tv and soundbar on, the soundbar by default is on the TV setting so I have to skip through with the yamaha remote every time to get it on hdmi 1(to watch sky) .This is all strange as the soundbar actually turns off with the tv using the tv remote and I can control the soundbar volume with the tv remote but it just will not turn on with TV.Its also fine with their Sony blu ray player in terms of turning on and off with it.Pleeease help as its such a mission with all the remotes just to turn everything on.

Thanks everyone.

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RE: Yamaha YSP-2200 soundbar help please.

I dont know if this answer will help you....I've a TV lg42ln575v, and a yamaha yas-101 connected to the tv via optical cable, a playstation 4, connected to the tv via hdmi, the tv as 3 hdmi, I switched the internal spekers off on the tv...and after performing "using the tv remote control learning function on the yamaha".. I use the tv remote control to switch tv on/off and the yamaha soundbar automatically switchs on/of same time as the tv, and also the sound of the soundbar can be aggiusted up/down from the tv remote control

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RE: Yamaha YSP-2200 soundbar help please.

Honestly, I think the problem here lies with the Samsing tv. For years their hdmi control Anynet CEC has been temperamental at best. I've had issues with Samsung's own players/theatres with their tvs, let alone other brands. I dare say you may be better off switching the Anynet/hdmi control off entirely and investing in a Logitech harmony remote and programming it for them. Until they ditched support for mac, I found them to be very good.

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