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Will my amp cut it?

Hi All,


I'm currently I run a stereo set-up in my living room consisting of:


Mordaunt Short Aviano 1xrs

Cambridge Azur 540A (v2)

Muse DAC (Love the little thing!)

Various digital sources (PC, PS3, PS2 etc.)

Soundstyle Z2 stands


However, my wife has given me permission to turn our main bedroom into a hi-fi/cinema room   Dirol


I've been looking at subs to compliment my system, but I'm wondering whether my amp will compromise the system's capability.  It has pre-outs for a sub (and I'm not too bothered about surrounds for a while yet, due to cost), but will the LF be punchy enough for films etc. i.e. will the discrete channels (2.1) of an AV receiver give me much more (bearing in mind that I don't want to destroy my music listening)?