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which 5.1 speker package?

I'm looking to totally renew my HCS,i've decided on pairing the SONY STR-DA5200es and RDR-HXD1065.

(After reading your review in the August edition,i know they'll satisfy both my movie and music requirements)

 Now i'm looking for the "icing on the cake" in an impressive 5.1/6.1 speaker system.

i'm seriously considering the Monitor Audio Radius RW-12 system,using 5 or 6 R225's as my surround speakers. (£1,650-£1,850)

 Is there anything better out there for the money,bearing in mind i'm looking for a package that will impress both musically and for HC?


A reply with advice would be very much appreciated.

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Re: which 5.1 speker package?

At that kind of price the MA Radius system has got to be a must-listen, but I'd also have a crack at the B&W MT-30 package - that PV-1 sub is amazing - and the Tannoy Arena. 

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Re: which 5.1 speker package?

the B&W MT-30 is the only other serious choice i have been concidering, would the M-1's cope with the SONY AV at high volume? from a music sense? have been shying away from them (as with the MA R-90's) as i don't want to risk pushing them to much and blowing them. hense my theory of using the MA R-225's instead.

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