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Upgrade my Minx speakers



Im looking to upgrade my 5 min11 speakers, I bought the Minx speaker package with the X200 sub and a sony amp.


I want to keep the Sony Amp, also will keep the sub as i don't really have it turned on always.


My budget is around £500 for the 4 speakers & 1 center speaker. I want somthing not too big and also in white if possible!


I was looking at just upgrade to the MIN21 but wondered would it be much of an upgrade?

The speakers will only be used for mainly movies & games, I never listen to music through them.


They will also be mounted onto the walls.


Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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RE: Upgrade my Minx speakers

Title amended for clarity

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RE: Upgrade my Minx speakers

Would be interested to know if you upgraded?

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