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upgrade help

samsung 32inch ,denon avr1705, 4 x kef 60s 1x kef 80c and 2x mission 702e. im not sure wot amp to change to as the denon is very clear sounding and not too bassy and not too trebly. the prob is i need an amp with more power as avr-1705 is realy not cut out for driving demanding floorstanders. iv got a budget of 2000. iv just ordered a 2x pair of kef Q7s and i realy dont think the little denon will be able to cope with the load. Any suggestions wot to upgrade to would be very welcome.cheers

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Re: upgrade help

 £2000? How about a receiver for half that? IMHO the Onkyo TX-SR875 is the one to have, as it will make the most of the system you're planning. Be prepared to wait a few weeks for one, though - lots of people have got the same idea...

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