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Toy Story 3 - blu-ray pause issue

just received my blu-ray copy of toy story 3 - nice to see a proper 7.1 sound track and the picture is fantastic - one little issue had to pause the film twice and both times when pressed play again very loud pop through all the speakers - not sure if fault on disk or just my setup but never noticed in any other film - anyone else confirm?

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Re: Toy Story 3 - blu-ray pause issue

I had trouble with this blu-ray. It skipped a chapter more than once, and froze a couple of times. Also had no sound when trying to watch the 'Night vs Day' short to begin with, had to take disc out and reload. Thought it may be the new blu-ray player, so plugged old one back in, 5 mins in, froze again!! Also had bad popping from sub a couple of times. Sending disc back to Play, and hoping its not the player, amp, sub playing up!!

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Re: Toy Story 3 - blu-ray pause issue

It's played absolutely fine on my setup. Just upgraded to a georgeous MA BX2AV set from my mordaunt shorts so have spent the last couple of days tweaking and this has been the demo disc I've been using a lot in the tweaking. Lots of pausing, ff, rw, skipping etc with no issues at all. System's singing now for the first time in 7.1! Using the BX2s as rear backs as I recently bought a pair of RX6s for front duties. Thanks WHF!!!!!

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