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Sub failure: MA-Radius-370HD

I've had my subwoofer, MA Radius 370HD, since October last year and I'm now on my second failure. The beginning of June this year it developed a constant loud 'hum' and Sevenoaks Sound & Vision changed the main circuit board (basically most of the innards) and everything has been fine since.

Until this week when I have noticed that it has not been performing auto switch-off. Everything else is switched off, so nothing giving it input, and it also stays very hot on the rear panel even after several hours. I would have assumed that even if it hadn’t switched off into standby, that it shouldn’t stay too hot when it is not being worked?

Another phone call to Sevenoaks Sound & Vision is imminent.

Has anyone had similar problems, and do you think that my AVR could be causing any issues? I’ve checked the power as best I can, both with a voltmeter and a three-pin mains tester, plus it is going through a 7-way mains conditioner.

Thanks for any help or comment before I phone Sevenoaks.