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Speaker Upgrade

Hi Help/advice needed....

The Background

Around 2 1/2 years ago, thanks to excellent advice from this forum, I commenced my foray into the World of 'audio-centric' or certainly superior home cinema. At the time I had an old Sony HTK-215 with the supplied surrounds and sub. I decided an upgrade was long overdue Therefore, following advice from this forum, I purchased the highly thought of Denon AVR-1910 and Q-Acoustics 1010i package with the 1010i's on the ST1000 stands.

For movies the system was very good, but for music was somewhat lacking (even in 2.1 mode) with Pure Direct a weak sounding joke

The Challenge

I decided, upon further reading' that part of the lack of musicality was the amp. So rightly or wrongly I purchased a Yahama RX-A1010 which I got for new for less than £500. This has improved the Q Acoustics no end for music but depth and soundstage is still somehat lacking.

Therefore, I decided a Speaker Upgrade was on the cards. The room is small (and narrow) being my office. The depth of room is around 2.5 metres and length about twice that (5m). I have the satellites either side of a 46" Samsung LED TV (on the stands) and just behind the couch (facing the TV), so around 2.25 metres from the main listening position. O

Originally I desired the B&W 685 theatre package but reading on this forum tells me they are boomy and fuddled if not 20" from a wall. Is this true?

My speakers will be 4" from the wall. Therefore should I go for:

1. Front ported KEF Q100 and the associated system?

2. Just upgrade the front to 2020i on Atacama stands and get the sub and centre to match?

3. Go B&W 'theatre' with ASW 608 (small room), 686's all round (nervous of this due to rear porting) and the B&W centre. Will 685's be OK in a room of this size?

The system is used 70% for movies and 30% for music (other music is listended to on the Focal speakers on my PC desk).

Any thoughts/advice?

A friend has B&W 601 s3 surrounds and that sounds good for music (slightly bigger room) but I think I should stay with current speakers avaialble in the Hi-Fi dealers so I can add from new. Prefer new kit but auditioning is an issue as their are no dealers outside of Richers Sounds where stock and auditioning space is very limited (Hi-Fi cattle market to a degree)

Look forward to any suggestions/advice//thoughts