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Speaker Placement Advice (Please)

Probably a really basic thing but I'd appreciate some advice from those in the know...

I've got my front L/R speakers set up for a listening position on my sofa, however my computer desk is located behind my sofa and when I sit at my computer desk things sound so much better than on the sofa, especially a lot richer sound and more bass.  I'm assuming this is something to do with speaker placement, but I'm not quite sure what I need to do to the speakers to get this same sound at my sitting position on my sofa?

Any advice would be welcomed.

Many thanks.


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RE: Speaker Placement Advice (Please)

It sounds like room acoustics to me. Check my links. I dont know how similar yr layout is to mine but I similarly had a huge bass lift down one end of my room away from the listening position. Pix or diagrams may help to identify issue. 

What kit? Room dimensions? Layout?

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