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Speaker Help

Hi, I need some help with chhosing a speaker set up, & would appreciate any advice.


I have a Sony STR-DA6400ES, which runs into some 20 year old Wharfedale Valdus 200's, that have just given up the ghost. My surround sound is through an equally old (& cheap) sony speaker package.

It's time for me to get some new speakers. I'd like to go 7.1, but there are some considerations I need to take into account.


1 - My budget is probably up to about £3000, but there is room for a little flexibility.

2 - My wife would rather I dumped all the speakers & we listened through the TV, so whatever I get (surround wise) needs to be unobtrusive.


I'd like some big floorstanders, i liked the look of the Kef IQ range, & would prefer wooden look speakers to black or white, so something similar would be good.


For the surrounds I really want a decent sound but in a relatively compact package. Our living room is small so nothing too big. I'm not keen on speakers such as the oval Kef package.

For the sub, something decent & preferably with a wooden finish.


I'd love any advice you can give me, I'm not sure what to go for & welcome any suggestions.







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RE: Speaker Help

Lots of choice. I love my Mordaunt Short Mezzos. Go look & listen! Smile

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