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speaker advice please

I have just sold my wharfedale package which consisted of the diamond 9.5 fronts, 9.1 rears, and 10cc centre. I just wasn't enjoying it anymore. So I bought a pr of castle knight 2s which sound awesome compared to the wharfies. But now I wanna rebuild my home theatre sound so I've been shopping around and saw quads 12L and 21L and very good prices but like wharfies they not very sensitive and they even look like the wharfies. And AE agent has sent me some quotes on evo 1 centre so I'm strongly considering that and then getting the neo 3 next month and move my castles to the back as surrounds. I'm reluctant to go back to wharfies and I know quad is good buttheir centre looks small and sensitivity is at 87db while the AE evo centre looks a better prospect.
I'm interested in your expert opinion pls pls pls.