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Soundbar or QTV2???

Hi all.  I'm looking to upgrade the sound from my tv and blu ray player.    :help:

A full surround system is out of the question.  Too many boxes for her indoors and truthfully not really sold on the idea myself.

I have been looking a maybe a soundbar or the Q-tv2.  Can anyone make any suggestions?   My tv is a 37inch panasonic lcd 1080p.  It doesn't have a digital out only audio L+R so that needs to be taken into account.  I use a Playstation 3 for the movies and games of course.  Wink  I have a tvonics freeview hd box as well which does have an opitical out.  Soundbars I've considered include the Orbitsound t12v3,  Yamaha yas101 and Samsung hw-d570 as well as the Q-tv2.

Thanks all



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RE: Soundbar or QTV2???


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