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Sound Distortion Help!!

Hi Guys,

I have hit a serious wall and dont know what to do.... I have the following set up:

ONKYO Nr 717 Av reciever

Connected via pre out 

Audiolab - 8200 DQ & Audiolab 8200 P which is used to power my fronts but also my audio hifi.

I currently have a massive issue with a hhhmm distortion coming through. The distortion is running through the whole system but seems to originate when I connect the audio lab to the AV stuff through the Pre-out.

I also seem to be having problems with my Sonos system that is connected to Audio I dont know whether that is related or just network issues.


So far I have done the following:

Made sure I seperate the speaker wire from power supplies

All connections are top quality inter-connects

I have got  specialists power blocks to remove distortion on that side


I am not the most technologically advanced so there may be something completely stupid that I am doing. Any help would be greatly appreciated as it is soo annouying and I really want to sort it out.. 



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RE: Sound Distortion Help!!


I have an Onkyo 905 is n't your 717 acting as a preamp when you connect to the pre out? So by connecting to aother cd preamp you are getting the distotion you are experiencing. You should connect the onkyo to your amp 8200 P and that will solve your problem.

Appologies if you are already doing that.

Best Wishes


Onkyo 905 B&W 685 Theatre & B&W ASW 610 subwoofer Panasonic DMR BWT 720

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