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Severe Synch Problems

I purchased a Pioneer SC-LX85 and BDP-LX55 a few months ago which on the whole I am happy with, however I am having severe Audio/Video synch problems where the Audio is sometimes up to 1 second out from the video. I understand there is an auto delay function within the Audio Parameter menu which I have tried - it does help but still not to a satisfactory level. I would use the manual Audio Delay Function but most of the time it is the Audio which is too late, and the video which would need to be delayed.

Is there a Video delay function on this unit - The problem occours when using both Sky HD and the LX55 Blu Ray Player, and the amount of delay varies an incredible amount with each source and channe./ THe problem did not occour at all with my previous Denon amp so It must be an issue with the SC-LX85....

In some cases the Auio is nearly 1 second too late!! and as I have a Philips TV which is renowned to dealy video singals through its endless processing, Im thinking there is some issue with the amp.

But hey, what do expect for 2 grand!!!!