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possible ground loop issue

I have just set up my surround sound, i have a yamaha RX-A820 and mordaunt short speakers. The problem is that when I plug the sub cable into my mezzo 9 sub there is a loud humm coming from it. When I unscrew my sat cable from the wall the hum stops. Is there an easy solution for this, any help would be great?

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RE: possible ground loop issue

I had a similar problem with my sub.  I cured it by disconnecting the earth wire in the mains plug to my sub.

I cannot recommened that you do this as the earth wire is there for safety reasons, especeially if there are little ones about.  The alternative is to diconnect the other earth connection to your sub, the outer conductor on the interconnect.  It might be enough to pull that plug out a bit so that only the inner bit of the plug connects with the sub. 


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RE: possible ground loop issue

For earth integrity & safety can u try to earth other plugs/terminals to a good earth point? I needed this on my tt many years ago. Sorry if this is of no use

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