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Playbar review...

This month's edition of Whathifi mag mentions a forthcoming review of the Playbar in 5.1 format (with the Sub and two Play:3s). Can someone give an indication as to when this will be?

I am particularly interested in this because I have recently purchased this system but, now after around a week of listening, I have some concerns about its ability to reproduce sound consistently - to my ears, the reproduction of dialogue and surround effects is not consistent, sometimes sounding amazing but at other times somewhat muddy and lacking punch. Oddly, the system often seems better when taking stereo signals and 'manufacturing' surround effects, than it does taking Dolby Digital 5.1 signal direct from the Bluray player (my TV does not output audio from external sources from its optical output so I have to set it up in this way).

However, one of the problems for Home Cinema newbies such as myself is I have never had a proper 5.1 system in my house to which I can compare, so comparisons by reviewers such as Whathifi is an important part of the research process (and yes, I know there is nothing like personal comparison, but that's not always possible). Anyone else out there heard the Playbar in 5.1 setup and want to offer thoughts on its abilities as compared to (say) a good budget or mid-range system?

Whilst I want to love the system (it has so much to offer) I am starting to think I may have been better off with a 5.1 separates system, channeling cables into walls etc. I suspect I could still persuade the dealer to make this swap if I go back to him quickly!

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RE: Playbar review...

You've had a couple of replies in the other thread btw.

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RE: Playbar review...

Yes, no need to post twice! As I said in the other thread, we have just got back from the Gadget Show with the Playbar, Sub and Play:3s so will run a test in 5.1 form as soon as we can and publish the results online.

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