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onkyo 608 & Bose Acoustimass 10

hello all

currently got

onkyo 508  driving Bose 10 ( bose haters :: i got them for £ 250 so please dont tell me they are not any good or worth the money Smile    centre speaker is an old JBL centre driven off the onyo direct. ( didnt like using a double cube as a centre too thin sound)

planning :

upgrade to Onkyo 608 ( wish i had gotten this first off) have read/heard much better build quality and sound all round.
..hopefully can change them out without  madam noticing !

current centre is not too clear struggling with movie dialogue , many times its wooley sounding.
looking for better centre speaker to give cleare speech   yamaha NCS10? polk?

problem is the height of the centre cannot exceed 15cm due to nice cabinet madam had made years ago !
varoius "shops" telling me JBL is good so stay with it  but dont agree

any advise welcome please
many thanks[H]


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RE: Home cinema

ive got to be honest i love the bose brand  with your am10 you should have a centre speaker as standard the jbl will have to completely come out of the equation cause it being bigger than the supllied centre it will dominate the rest of the system but if set up right the bose centre is a stunning little box but if you want to stay bose the do a seperate centre the vcs 10 which i think will be the better solution over the jbl plus its slimmer so it could possibly fit in you cabinet

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RE: Home cinema

At what point are you crossing over betwen the satellites and bass module?

Frank Harvey Hi-Fi Excellence

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RE: onkyo 608 & Bose Acoustimass 10

Hello bonkyobose

I already have Onkyo TX-SR608; now I'm planning to buy Bose Acoustimass 10.

So what's your opinion about this setup together? How are they working with you?

Love to hear from any of you guys.

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