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Noive trying to set up home theatre

Dear gurus, I am a complete novice who used to own a Yamaha sound bar but my house do not have the required walls to deflect the surround sounds. This time round, in hope to enjoy proper sounds from a good movie, I'm going to put some investment in a 7.1 setup ...


B&W CM9 (front L&R)


B&W M1s (MT60D) x 4 pcs for the Surround and rear setup


Yamaha A2030 



I am told my the saleman that the CM9s are good quality speakers and no owner would pair them up with a less competent M1s (they suggested CM1). I just feel that M1 being only 6 inchs produces very distinct, clear although CM1 seems to be able to reach a wider audience? 


Saleman also bundled XLO HT Pro cables for centre and front L&R speakers ... wondering if these cables are good as I couldnt find any reviews in WHATHIFI


Appreciate everyone's advise ... 




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RE: Noive trying to set up home theatre

I don't think those cables are available here, although there's a school of thought that cabes don't make a difference (hotly debated on here).

I would agree with your salesman regarding CM1 instead of M1. Demo yourself to compare and see if CM1 is worth the extra outlay.

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