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New Surround sound system


I have some voucher credit to spend on Amazon and I'd like to treat myself to a new all-in-one dvd/surround system.

I would appreciate some help in choosing a system from the experts on here.

I like the look of the BDVN590W(Has a good review on here) or 790 as I dont want to spend any more than £500.

I also notice that Amazon only seem to sell region 2 dvd players, yet I have quite a few Region 1 dvd's so I was wondering if they can be converted to a Region free player?

Thanks for your help.




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RE: New Surround sound system

If your happy living with the wired rear speakers then I see no reason to spend the extra £150 on the 790.

With regards to your multi region question, I dont know if the 590 can be converted or not but if you already have a multi region player why not look at connecting it to the 590 so the sound plays back through the av system?

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RE: New Surround sound system

Thanks for your reply drichardb.  I'll do a bit more checking before I decide.


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