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(new) minx 325 5.1

Hi what hifi team,


Looking for a review on the new minx 325 5.1 system. I understand that the revised new 215 5.1 system is greatly improve over the last but my room is a bit bigger than the 4M/4M recommended limit of this package. Also how does it compare to the QA7000 system?.

Thanks for your help

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RE: (new) minx 325 5.1

Anyone got any experience with the new min21's in the new minx 325 systems?

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RE: (new) minx 325 5.1

I Listened to the minx s325 at richer sounds and to be fair you will get no idea of what they are like from doing a audition in one of their tiny test rooms.  RS offer a full refund on unboxed items so I asked if I could borrow there test set by buying it and then returning it before 14 days. To give you a bit of an idea I currently have the B&w mt30 but was not completely happy with the size of the sats in my living room,  they are small for what they are but still look like robot heads hanging off my walls.  The B&w m1 are great speakers but as advised by the Sevenoaks rep that sold them to me are very directional and certain sound mixes the rear channels draw attention to themselfs and not the screen regardless of how low I have set the volume to them and how high they are on the wall behind the sofa.  I must it atmit My seating arrangments is not perfect with the sofa up against the wall and the speakers high above head.  So I have been looking for somthing more discret without compromising on sound to much,  let's face it no one really wants huge speakers dotted all over there undedicated living room after all it's not a cinema all the time.  I looked at the minx's speakers with interest on there first outing with the min10 and 20, the idea of arroaching the small speaker limitations with clever driver design had me interested.  After reading a few reviews it was clear they were on to somthing but had not hit the nail on the head. Fast forward to reading the what hifi 5 star review of the revised min11's in the s215 system and it seemed they had got it right this time.  So after getting them home and hooking them up I was shocked to find I preferred them to the b&w's,  the m21,s sound was powerful tight and clear but above all the sound stage was massive.  Those BMR drivers sound dispersion really does work and I found my self sucked In to the ambiance of my films like never before. All in all these are fantastic speakers and well worth a listen to because like me you may even find it tops your old system. 

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