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New AV-receiver and speakers

First, I haven't had any AV system so far and I have been listened the TV from LCD integrated speaker and listened musin from headphones. Unfortunately I decided to move on a littlebit and put togehter aa AV receiver+speaker system to improve it. Probably i will watch movies&tv 75% of time and listen music 25% of time. But, even the music part is not so big, it is still nice to get good sound from the system.

For now, I have been looking around internet for a while and put together a set of equipment.  But before ordering it, maybe some of you, experienced guy, give your opinion. My living room is ~35m2 and i don't need to worrie about neighbours too much. Still, sometimes i would prefer to listen music in low volume.

* Receiver: Denon AVR-X2000

* 2xFloors: Polk Audio TSx 550T

* 2xRear bookshelfs: Polk Audio TSx 220B

* Center: Polk Audio TSx 250C

* SW: Polk Audio DSW Pro 660wireless


Is the choice is balance and would sound well? 

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RE: New AV-receiver and speakers

I've never heard Polk Audio, but I've heard they make some of the best in-ceiling speakers at the moment. The Denon is quite good. Let us know what you think. :cheers:

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