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new amplifier ?

 i have bw 603 s3 speakers for my front  speakers running on a sony strdb 940 amplifier rated at 100watts per channel , but it seems like i am not getting the full bass potential out of these speakers. they are bi wired with qed silver anniversary cable . could it be the amp is not powerfull enough ?



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Re: new amplifier ?

The Sony's definitely not lacking in power, and while you could improve things by switching to a better receiver - the STR-DA1200ES springs immediately to mind - the best bet would be to add a subwoofer. Yes, even with front speakers this large.

If you don't have a sub, just check the current receiver isn't set as though you have - this would have the effect of reducing the bass going to the front speakers. In set-up menus, speakers like this require the front channel speaker size to be set to 'large'.

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