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My Hometheatre Setup

Hi guys just wanted you see what i use as my hometheatre and music system just wondering if anyone else has a similar setup.right here goes.i have my nad amp and standmount speakers connected to my tv via the headphone out on the tv as my amp does not have digital input and the tv has no rca outs the sound is quite decent through the speakers for normal tv watching.i then have a hdmi lead from my pc to the tv and extend the displays this allows me to watch a movie or listen to music on my tv but can still use my pc for whatever else im doing this is how i watch proper 1080p movies.but to get the best sound for my movies and music i connect my asus xonar essence xt soundcard from my pc to the nad amp all i need to do then is play the movie or music on my pc(i disable hdmi audio and just use my soundcard)this may sound complicated to some of you but the sound i get is fantastic.it allows me to use dolby virtual speaker in the xonar software which make my stereo speakers sound like a surround system honeslty you can hear things behind you its a great experience.so anyone else got a simmilar setup or need help with setting one up im willing to help Smile

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RE: My Hometheatre Setup

Cool setup! I used to run connections like that before getting a dedicated AV receiver, It's a great way to make the most of  the equipment you have. Do you use the TV speakers together with your stereo speakers when watching normal TV or do you just mute the TV? If so, do you find that there's a slight sound delay between them? I used to have that problem, so I would use one or the other, not both.

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RE: My Hometheatre Setup

Nad amp and standmount speakers? It’s a cool setup. One of my friends has them. He bought it like 5 months back and still it’s working well. Good choice.  :clap:

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