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Mac Mini - media center


I'm looking to use a Mac Mini 2011 as a media center (connected to TV using HDMI but within a few months connected to (probably) Pioneer AV amp).  I've been reading about it and saw this:


Does the Mac mini support surround sound (5.1/7.1/DTS/etc)?
The 2011 Mac minis support 5.1 surround sound output and DTS passthrough using an Optical connection (SPDIF). Due to the limitations of SPDIF, higher bandwidth audio tracks are not supported (7.1+).


I'm a little confused.  If I want to play a movie with 5.1 or DTS, does that mean I'll need to use an additional cable?

If you have any other comments about things that may bite me, please feel free to pipe up! Smile


Many thanks