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Look! Shiny new Sony Recievers

Having resolved to buy the STR-DA1200ES on your firm recommendation (to be combined with Sony DVD Recorder and Q Acoustic 1010s to cater for movies and music) I now find that Sony have released a new batch of recievers - notably the DG910, which appears to be smaller, better (blu-ray capable etc) and £100 cheaper than the 1200!

 For some reason none of the DG range is on the Sony website - have you had a chance to look at them?

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Re: Look! Shiny new Sony Recievers

We covered the new Sony range here on the site some time back - AFAIK we have an STR-DG910 in for test at the moment, and it's scheduled to appear in the November issue.

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Re: Look! Shiny new Sony Recievers

would be interesting to see how the 1200ES compares to the DG910 - as they are about the same price online at the £300 mark - not sure which one to buy, I look forward to your views.

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Re: Look! Shiny new Sony Recievers

And to reiterate that because of our odd publishing schedule (13 issues a year, to include the Awards special edition) that November issue is actually on sale 20th September.

That receivers Group Test is already shaping up to be a hot one, with the new Onkyo and Denon models set to be up against the new Sony, too.

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