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LG Home cinema

Hello all

I'm looking for a home cinema and here we don't have that many options to be honest.

One of the systems I was checking out is LG BH7530TWN - Is it worth the money? I don't seem to be able to find much about it online. 

Are LG home cinemas, in general, good products?

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Hello there.

Hello there.

This seems like an old product and that's why you can't find much about it on the internet. It certainly doesn't seem to be a current product on LG's website.

What is your budget? If it's quite low and your first home cinema you could try second hand. If you know what you are looking for then you can end up with more for your money than buying something new and you find out you don't like it or it doesn't give you the cinema experience you were expecting.

And AV receiver and seperate player is better than and all in one but then you need an Active Subwoofer, cables and satelite speakers. Again if you know what you are looking for it shouldn't be that expensive on ebay, gumtree and the like, Even Preloved.

Also what is your room size and no go components?

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