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Just replaced my Apex rears....

Ever since I got my MA Apex speakers, their look has been moaned about by my better half. As we are decorating our lounge I finally accepted defeat and hunted around for some less is more speakers. After hours of research, I gambled on some in wall speakers from a US company, Proficient Audio. I gathered that they couldnt be terrible and will at least look ok! Well, they were installed today - not easy and that's with a pro doing it and not me! The results have shocked me! They are a lot better than the Apex! I've got a Yamaha A3010 arriving soon so this should improve again. For the record, Stone Audio gave me a great deal for the W690 speakers and they were cheaper than the MA sats too.

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RE: Just replaced my Apex rears....

Sounds like a result.....especially if the LOTO (leader of the opposition) is happy!

"We should no more let numbers define audio quality than we should let chemical analysis be the arbiter of fine wines."  Nelson Pass

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